Watch the Teaser Trailer for Daywalker: Blade Origins II

Daywalker: Blade Origins

The Daywalker: Blade Origins fan film focuses on the origins of Blade. It flashes back from a feral young Eric Brooks (Kal El Smith) meeting his mentor, Jamal Afari (Michael Monteiro), to a mature Brooks (Byron Smith) who is part of the Bloodshadows gang, headed by Cyrus Cutter (Markiss McFadden). Brooks battles with vampires, including bad girl Lamia (Moorea Wolf), as well as with his role as a subordinate Bloodshadow, and his demons from his recent loss. He is faced with his feelings for Cyrus's girlfriend, Glory (Lamorae Siggal), who begins to show interest in Brooks. It all culminates to the moment when Brooks definitively declares his role as "Blade."

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