Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.
— Kevin Kruse

Working with McFadden family films is one of those experiences you hope for when taking on a project. I was immediately welcomed into the family that made up this production team and found people who have greatly influenced my life and who have become necessary staples in my career. Moziko and Markiss executed the film Shock with such ease and flexibility, while still effectively pulling the whole piece together. It was such a calm and relaxing atmosphere which made it so easy for us all to do our best work. I can't wait to be apart of another McFadden Family Film as it's always such a wonderful experience and overall just what filmmaking is supposed to be; a lot of fun. 

-Brittany Falardeau

I've been a part of a few McFadden Family Films productions, and always looking forward to the next one! Markiss knows how to bring the best out of everyone on set. Always keeping it positive and fun, while very professional. Some of the most pleasant projects I've been a part of. Always a tight crew and I'm honored  to be part of this family. Can't wait to see what the future brings!

Much love, Casey

Working with McFadden Family Films was a really good experience. It was hands down the best production company I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The professionalism they brought onset was off the Charts. Also, the knowledge and the quality of there work was amazing. I am really looking forward to working with mcFadden Family Films in the future. Markiss is a Genius behind the camera. He turns nothing into spectacular. I highly recommend McFadden Family Films. I guarantee the experience will be just as good as mine. 

Cardell Jackson

McFadden Family Films, represents filmmaking in a truly respectable light. Putting value, time and quality into their projects. As an actor I knew working with McFadden Family Films that my talent we translate in their wonderful production of Films. They understand film making and are professional. Highly recommend this amazing team to any project looking for above and beyond quality production. 

-Byron X10 Smith 


Working with Markiss was a good experience. He listens to ideas and really takes those ideas in as well as contribute his own ideas. While doing stunts with/for him, he was always willing to learn how to properly execute each kick and punch and wanted to do his own stunts when possible. Never afraid to try new things and just a cool person to talk to on set.  I would work with him in the future for sure.

Eric Watson 

It was a pleasure working with an aggressive and motivated film maker like Markiss McFadden. I'll always be available to work with McFadden Family Films in the future.


Greg L. Glass

"I had the pleasure of being cast in a supporting role in 'All I Ever Wanted,' and it was a wonderful experience. From the audition to the shoot, Markiss and his crew were welcoming and professional. I would jump at the chance to work with McFadden Family Films again."

Ray Chao, actor

It was amazing working with Markiss and we'll jump to any opportunity he gives us to work with him again. He's very good in his craft. Thanx again Markiss for all you do.


Had a great time bro. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of ur project.

ER Ruiz

Professional and very, very friendly. I would work with them again anytime, anywhere.

Ken W. Murphy

After working on a production or 2. I found the McFadden Production pleasantly professional. Casting was surprisly non stressful. Markiss was kind patient and gave wonderful notes . I would work with them again . Can't wait to see the final cut. 

Thanks for the opportunity.

Mirage aka Ponti

I Love working with Markiss, he knows exactly what he wants and gets it done. I actually had a lot of fun on the set and can't wait to see this film. I am also very proud to be on it :-) thank you very much again and looking forward to it !!

Jose A. Solorio

Yeah you guys were great and efficient. I always appreciate a welcoming environment and that's what I got on that film. Hopefully get to work together again sometime soon. 

-Carl Garcia

Working with MFF, I found them to be a very organized and a professional production company. The set was always relaxed and as an actor, my views and suggestions were encouraged. Markiss  was always polite and respectful as he directed the film I was acting in. An atmosphere was created whereby everyone's input was an equally important contribution to the film.

We really did work together like a family.


I had a wonderful experience working on the film. Everyone was very professional and kind.  The pace was smooth and efficient. It had a great vibe all around.  Very happy! and cannot wait to see the finished product!!  You are all on to great things!

Sophia Louisa Lee

Had a terrific time working on the project "All I Ever Wanted". It was a fun, fast moving set; and as an actor, it was wonderful to have the freedom to create the character organically.

Matthew Dorio

I had the pleasure of working on two Mcfadden Family Film productions "The Executor" & "Shock" and they really brought a special energy and a fantastic team together to make movie magic! Looking forward to next project we can collaborate on. 

Best Regards,

Micah Fitzgerald 

My experience working with McFadden Family Films was outstanding!  Markiss and his crew provide a professional, positive environment that makes it easy for actors to give their best.  I'll jump at the opportunity to work with McFadden Family Films in the future.

Luke Steward

What an awesome experience I had working with McFadden Family Films. Very organized, very professional. If I had any questions or concerns, they were readily and easily available. I look forward to working on more projects with MFF. 

Rene Garcia

I had a great time working on the McFadden Family Films feature film, "All I Ever Wanted". Whereas many productions are chaotic and disorganized, my audition and shoot was fun, organized and efficient!

Spoon Alexander

Working with McFadden Films was a wonderful experience. Very professional and fun production company to work with. I very much would like to work with them again in the future. I learned a lot form each and everyone I worked with. Thank you for having me be a part of your film. -

Jayden Eastaugh